EU0015 Mercedes ECU CRD2 (Delphi), CRD3, IAW 8Fx boot mode



Licencia de interfaz UHDS:

Functions are availabled in BOOT MODE. ECU can be connected by plug on the table. You must open ECU to enter the mode BOOT MODE and adhere to the mass point of the boot.

Modelos y funciones soportodas:

  • CRD3 (TC1797) Mercedes ECU W204/W212/W906 CRD3 (TC1797) Boot Mode by ECU conector (option available from 03.03.2016)
    • Read/Write EEprom
    • Write KM (Total Km, DPF KM).
    • Read KM
  • IAW 8F Fiat ECU Boot Mode by ECU conector
    • Read/Write Flash
  • CRD2 Mercedes ECU (Delphi)
    • Write KM (total KM, DPF KM)
    • Read/Write EEprom
    • Read/Write Flash