VW0027 VW Immo Tool



TThe license to interface UHDS:

This function allows encoding keys, adaptations of the drivers and meter. In order to carry out a part of operation you must have PIN and COMPONENT SECURITY. These data you can get by using a purchased option 1. X-CAN or by using other tools..
Approximately 80% of keys can be programmed by the ignition . This applies to meter VDO by Continental. The other models of meter Johnson Control and Magneti Marelli will need our tools programmer Key Maker or another manufacturer.

The program does not support systems HANDS FREE

Supported models:

  • Immo 3, and motor controllers working in the system Immo 3
  • Immo 4 and motor controllers working in the system Immo 4

Examples cars in which we can program the keys:
Passat B6, B7 Passat, Golf 5, Golf 6, Touran ….

In immo 3 eg. The Passat B6 if we have one key, you must use the TANGO tool to read the seventh byte for programming the key.
Examples of use: read the User Manual which is found in the programme X-Can NEWS / User manual / X-Can

(new options from 20.10.2016)

Added Support Learn Keys RB8 OBD
Added Support Automatic Gear Box Audi A6/Q7 (Coming soon under construction)

  • change VIN,
  • change CS, PIN

Added Suport Stering Lock with KeyLess System (PQ35) Golf6 etc...

  • change VIN,
  • change CS, PIN

Added Option Learn Keys with system Key Less

(new options from 07.06.2016)

Added option EZS Audi A6/Q7 (2005…2010)

  • Read CS (if we have keys to car)
  • Read EEprom OBD (if we have CS+PIN)
  • Write EEprom OBD (if we have CS+PIN)
  • Learn Keys OBD (Dealer Key or prepared key with EEprom) OBD
  • Cahnge Immo Data (VIN,PIN,CS,etc) OBD
  • Doecode all Immo Data (VIN,PIN,CS,etc) from dump
  • Learn EZS with ECU OBD